Food and the experience of eating are meant to be both nourishing and pleasurable. Sadly, this was not my experience most of my life. Instead, food and my resulting excess weight and poor body image was a constant source of pain, self-loathing and self-doubt.  All of which was shrouded in secrecy and shame. 
I routinely put on a happy face on the outside, but my inner world was a mess. For added insult, I was successful at nearly every other thing I put my mind and effort into. Yet, no matter how many other accomplishments I achieved in life, and there were plenty, my self-worth and confidence stayed tied to my weight and what I saw in the mirror. 
I desperately wanted to be recognized for my outward beauty, but I didn’t fit the mold. I wasn’t thin. At my peak, my BMI reading was more than double what was deemed normal/average weight. Fear of living the rest of my life like that, and the cascade of awful health problems I believed that I was sure to become plagued with, drove me to make some dramatic decisions. 
I say dramatic because having gastric bypass surgery wasn’t an easy decision, however at the time, I had tried everything to lose the weight.  Each dieting and fitness attempt gave me false hope – first seeing “success” only to come crashing down in miserable failure regaining the weight and then some.  It was maddening!   
So having never spent a night in a hospital, never having a broken bone or any surgical procedure, I volunteered to have my anatomy forever altered to lose the weight.  What I didn’t realize at the time was, gastric bypass surgery was just another diet.  It didn’t address the underlying reasons why food had become my closest confident, my best friend, my source of comfort…and also my worst enemy. 
Gratefully, since 2008, I’ve made significant and transformational shifts in my relationship with food, fitness and self-acceptance that have not only radically improved my health, but more importantly gifted me with unconditional self-love at all stages of my life, regardless of what a scale or BMI chart says.  
Yes, gastric bypass helped me shed weight, but I plateaued like every other diet and then the real work began.  Further, I never reached that magical BMI “normal” weight – so according to medical professionals, my surgery was a failure!  What?  That’s nonsense my mind and soul said, but these are “experts” and “medical professionals” – who am I to disagree?  Well, I’m someone who knows when my mind, body and soul are nourished and healthy and I reached that “happy & healthy” place.  I no longer needed external validation. 
Which means - I’m free!  Free from dieting.  Free from toxic beliefs about nutrition, hunger, and my weight, appearance and whether I’m healthy.  The BEST GIFT OF ALL – I’m FREE from questioning my worth and lovability as a person! 
Back then, in 2008, when I started my ultimate journey towards health, I wasn’t aware of the mind-blowing teachings found in the study of Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Health & Nutrition.   
I didn’t have an Eating Behavior Coach, but I wish I had. It would have accelerated my efforts. 
Now and always, my journey is ongoing and a continually evolving.  I’m totally comfortable with that.  
I never again have to feel like my self-worth is tied to my weight or what I look like in the mirror. I know like I know the sun will rise tomorrow, I am healthy and just right, just as I am. 
I’m thrilled to find myself in a place in life where I can use my own life experiences and struggles, successful business background and my training as a certified Eating Behavior Coach to help others transform their lives also.  
What a truly extraordinary blessing! 
It’s important to understand, I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all way of eating, nourishing, exercising or leading a harmonious life.  What works for me may not work for you – because you’re unique and your goals may be different than my goals. 
Fortunately, there are numerous paths to health and people of all different shapes and sizes can be healthy and vibrant.  There are a myriad of ways to connect with your body and find pure acceptance.  We each hold a different view on beauty, and that’s ok….find what works for you.  With body acceptance, i.e. beauty, comes its natural companion, confidence.  
Simply put - it all depends on the individual and what they define as their best self, what nourishes them and what gives their life meaning.  You are the artist creating on a blank canvas – when you actually accept this reality, it’s exceptionally liberating. 
That is the experience I hope to give my clients – that is, attentive, individualized coaching that’s tailored to meet their unique needs and goals. 
The most significant thing I’ve learned in my journey towards health and living my best life is this: the key to Unlocking Your Healthy Self starts and ends with unconditional self-love and self-acceptance.  From there, everything is possible. 
Food choices and unwanted eating habits that you consciously know are harming you and limiting your life are the signals your mind and body are giving you – telling you that if you persist, you will stay stuck and far away from your best life.  
But it’s not too late to develop new habits, new cravings and new patterns of thought.  Simply start.  I’m here to coach you through the process! 
In closing, with an open mind comes the power of transformation, first in the mind, then in the body. This shift will empower you with an unlimited supply of determination and an unshakable trust in self like you’ve never felt. It’s a knowing for certain that you have the power of choice to change your relationship with food, weight and body and achieve your health, fitness and meaningful life goals once and for all!